Youth Friendly Communities

Goals and Objectives

  • To support municipalities in achieving youth-friendly designation
  • 0-12 Months
  • Inform and educate all municipalities about availability of youth-friendly designation.
  • In partnership with municipalities, develop toolkit (or source existing tools) to support municipal efforts to obtain youth-friendly designation.
  • 12-24 months
  • Survey youth across Leeds- Grenville to identify community strengths, challenges and youth engagement opportunities.
  • Create an inventory of services for youth.
  • Lead Resource:
    • Youth Engagement Squad –Elizabeth Langlois
  • Supporting Resources:
    • Municipal partners
    • Healthy Communities Partnership
    • Mental health initiatives
  • Members
    • Lois Dewey
    • Laurie Bourne MacKeighan
    • Karen Hurley
    • Lisa Cirka (Brockville Library)
Measures of Success:
  • Municipalities aware of youth-friendly designation.
  • Youth-friendly designation resources and tools are made available to the municipalities.
  • Municipalities develop youth-friendly initiatives using resources or seek youth-friendly designation.
  • Development of equitable and accessible resources and support for youth.
  • New opportunities are created for youth.
  • Youth are given a planning voice in their community.
  • Communities understand the youth-friendly designation and EKIOC supports their efforts to achieve youth-friendly status


Current Progress Toward Goals and Objectives

  • request for members of this Task Force
  • Staff of L&G Organizations and community members are invited to provide name, email and other relevant information in Reply Box Below.  These will be forwarded to Lead Resource but will not be posted online.