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Subject: Duty Counsel Services in Brockville and Perth

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Duty Counsel are available to help unrepresented clients (subject to financial eligibility) at both criminal and family court on their court date.  We do not represent clients at trial.  We are usually not able to help clients between court dates, but we do provide family law advice lawyer services (at the times and locations listed below).    


In family cases, we will try to help at any time with emergency or urgent situations this is generally limited to situations with a significant risk of imminent and serious harm to a parent or child, or that a child may be abducted from Ontario.  However, family court is only open Monday to Wednesday in Brockville, and Thursday and Friday in Perth, which limits our access to the court for expedited cases.  Clients are also well-advised to first contact the police or CAS in these circumstances as judges usually want to know why these agencies have not responded if the case is an emergency.


In both criminal and family cases, we will also try to help with vulnerable clients by meeting them between court dates or attempting to schedule their court appearances when things are less busy.   A significant portion of our clientele suffers from addictions, mental illness, illiteracy or other functional impairments, so we have to reserve these services for clients who are particularly at risk.  Please contact me about this if you have questions, or think that I can be of assistance.


Clients can apply for legal aid by telephone at 1-800-668-8258 or, in criminal cases, at each court location at the times indicated below.


Our office in Brockville is at the courthouse:


                41 Court House Square,

                Brockville, Ontario, K6V 7N3

                Attention:           Duty Counsel Office


                Phone:                 613-341-2800 x2294

Fax:                        613-342-8720


                Family Law Advice Lawyer services are available at this location:


                                Tuesdays             2-4 p.m.

                                Thursdays           9-11 a.m.


                Criminal legal aid applications:


                                Youth court        2nd and 4th Tuesday each month from 9-11 a.m.

                                Adult court         Friday from 9-11 a.m.



Our office in Perth is at the courthouse:


                43 Drummond Street East,

Perth, Ontario, K7H 1G1

Attention:           Duty Counsel Office


                Phone:                 613-326-0790

                Fax:                        613-326-0782


                Family Law Advice Lawyer services are available at this location every Thursdays from 1:30-4:30 p.m.


                Criminal legal aid applications from 9-11 a.m. every Monday.



We have the following staff:


                Andreas von Cramon     Supervisory Duty Counsel

                Cindy Burrell                      Staff Lawyer

                Amy Long                            Staff Lawyer

                Mark Graham                    Legal Aid Worker



Financial Eligibility


Most services provided by Legal Aid Ontario are subject to financial eligibility.   Our financial eligibility poster is attached to this email.  In criminal cases, we help clients with simple plea negotiations even if they do not financially qualify for our services.  In family cases, we will provide up to 20 minutes of summary legal advice (not case specific) to clients even if they do not financially qualify, time permitting.  



General Information


Clients can get general information about access to the services provided by Legal Aid Ontario at


These materials are probably useful for other stakeholders, as well.




Andreas von Cramon

Supervisory Duty Counsel

Legal Aid Ontario Brockville/Perth