Click here to download PDF of United Counties plan

Click here to download PDF of Brockville Plan

  • This will open -in a separate IE tab -a pdf file which you can use in today’s exercise.
  • For a generalization of goals go to page 17 of the UCLG plan, page 30 to see the beginning of Local Municipal Priorities list, page 64 of Brockville plan summarizes 4 goal areas
  • pick a municipality’s goal and consider possible partnership of your own organization and/or your Every Kid coalition.  Ideas you come up with are ideas to spark dialogue and synthesis of ideas and action not promises so think outside the box!
  • come back to this post and go below ….to the Leave a Reply form.  Take a look at what others have entered.  if you wish to comment on a comment then click box inside that comment.  Or go to bottom and find a blank form to enter a new comment.
  • Enter your name, email address and in the comment box the Municipality, the priority and the idea that you are floating
  • click the bottom button “Post Comment”
  • if  you wish to comment on a goal that someone else has commented on it is best to to build on these by clicking on “Reply”.  This keeps comments together that are related to that specific goal.