Productive and Purposeful Cross-Sector Collaboration

Goals and Objectives

  • Enhance productive and purposeful cross-sector collaboration within and through the EKIOC.
  • 0-12 Months
  • Develop short tool to evaluate/reflect on level of collaboration within EKIOC
  • Tool will ask questions:
    • Is everyone who needs to be here involved?
    • Is the collaboration valuable and relevant to the priority?
  • 12-24 months
    • Inventory of services and gap analysis.
  • Lead Resource:
    • Coordinating and Planning Committee – Kevin Kapler and Jane Hess
  • Members:
    • Kim Little
    • Gillian Jackson
    • Maxine Weber
    • FCSLLG (to be identified)
Measures of Success:
  • Collaborative efforts affect outcomes (i.e. achievement of priority = enhanced services)
  • Duplications reduced.
  • Cross-sector collaboration is a guiding principle and framework for all EKIOC activities.

Current Progress Toward Goals and Objectives

  • request for members of this Task Force
  • Staff of L&G Organizations and community members are invited to provide name, email and other relevant information in Reply Box Below.  These will be forwarded to Lead Resource but will not be posted online.