Triple P Materials Available

For Practitioners

Triple P Intake

Consumable resources

  • are provided jointly by the members of Every Kid on a “JUST IN TIME” system.  Funding for those resources parents used up is from the overall community budget for Triple P.  Parents are never charged for such items.  For the benefit of all partners practitioners are asked to return any materials not immediately needed and thus reduce overall costs and allow better use of limited budget.
  • Consumable items are available immediately from store of materials facilitated by Health Unit.
  • Consumable Resources -Triple P Order Form – EKIOC (16/06) (tip sheets, work books, seminar sheets)

Non-consumable items


For Triple P Promoters

Triple P Banners Now Available for Loan

  • Using Healthy Communities Grant funds, the Triple P Implementation Working Group has purchased display banners for use by community agencies to advertise Triple P.  The banners are compact and light for easy transport, and straightforward to set-up and take down.   They are approx 3’w x 8’h. The banners are available for Triple P partner agencies to use in the community when presenting or promoting Triple P.
  • What is available?
    • 2 bases
    • 3 sign options  (for 3 different age targets)
    • Child (2 copies of the same sign)
    • Teen (one teen sign)
  • How do I book the signs out?
    • Call at the Health Unit 613-345-5685  to reserve one or both bases.  Specify which sign(s) you would like to use (infant, child, teen)
    • Signs can be picked up at the Health Unit front reception at 458 Laurier Blvd. Brockville.
    • Complete the sign out sheet with the following information:
      • Your name
      • Agency
      • Sign(s) you are borrowing (eg 1 base, infant banner)
      • Date signed out
      • Expected date of return
      • Purpose
      • Signature
      • Please be aware that all partner agencies are sharing these banners so to ensure they are available for your needs, please reserve early.

Promotional Resources

(feel free to use these but add a comment at bottom of this page telling us what you used them for.  We use this information to help evaluate spread of Triple P awareness.)

    • [audioalbum title="/RADIO SPOTS" detail="These have been played often on Brockville radio stations" date="2014"]
      [audiotrack title="About Triple P" mp3=""]
      [audiotrack title="Traveling -Triple P" mp3=""]
      [audiotrack title="Bedtime -Triple P" mp3=""]
    • TV Spots Shown During Olympics[jwplayer mediaid=”5754″]
    • 5 STEPS OF TRIPLE P[gview file=””]
  • LEEDS & GRENVILLE TRIPLE P [gview file=””]