Focus on Poverty and Prosperity

Goals and Objectives

  • Actively support poverty reduction and prosperity initiatives including the development of a framework and strategy that encourages partners to view services through a poverty lens.
  • 0-12 Months
  • Join Poverty Roundtable.
  • Make poverty/prosperity a standing EKIOC agenda item.
  • Develop a framework of a “lens” that can be used by agencies to better understand and work with the social determinants of health.
  • Develop literacy and awareness of poverty among EKIOC members.
  • Actively support programs and initiatives that reduce barriers to prosperity, especially transportation, childcare and youth engagement initiatives.
  • 12-24 months
  • Provide education for EKIOC to help all agencies adopt a poverty lens through which to consider service.
  • Develop a strategy for implementation and use of the poverty lens:
    • Identify community priorities while recognizing existing services.
    • Direct resources to highest needs
    • Support related initiatives.
  • Lead
    • Loretta Corbeil
  • members
    • Kevin Kapler
    • Sue Watt
    • Alison Tutak
    • Allan Hogan
    • Elaine Murkin
    • Brandy Smith
Measures of Success:
  • Poverty is a standing agenda item.
  • Coalition members are provided with resources and information on poverty and prosperity that can be applied to their service delivery models.
  • EKIOC is represented at Poverty Roundtable and related initiatives.
  • Increased focus on, and understanding of, poverty and how services can affect prosperity for community members.

Current Progress Toward Goals and Objectives

  • request for members of this Task Force
  • Staff of L&G Organizations and community members are invited to provide name, email and other relevant information in Reply Box Below.  These will be forwarded to Lead Resource but will not be posted online.