Lead Table Terms of Reference


The Every Kid in Our Communities (Every kid) Lead Table is responsible to the communities of Leeds and Grenville and acts on behalf children and youth by taking responsibility for the key functions of Every Kid. It supervises the work of the Coalition Coordinator, coordinates the “Windows of Focus”, and expedites the work of the “Community and Youth Champions and Partners”. In addition it serves:

• To facilitate and co-ordinate service planning activities in relation to local service needs and priorities

• To encourage the development of interagency and inter-program protocols including the monitoring and evaluation of those programs and protocols, 

• To advise the provincial government with regard to children and youth services priorities for all in Leeds and Grenville and to guide planning and delivery of services to our more vulnerable children.

• To collaborate through the Steering Table of the Student Support Leadership Initiative, with those neighbouring county planning tables (networks), school boards and Ministry of Education and Child and Youth Services. (added June 09)

• To inform the use of Criminal Court funds based on Ways of Working so as to prevent offences and reduce recidivism. (added June 09) Revised 2009 


1. Oversee Every Kid’s functions and finance as laid out in the annual Business and Sustainability Plans.

2. Review project implementation, celebrate successes, and address common issues, challenges & barriers to project delivery.

3. Supervise and evaluate Coalition Coordinator and any other staff.

4. Develop a Sustainability and Communication Plan and review it annually.

5. Manage the Community Implementation Plan to:

a. ensure it is current, 

b. make it accessible to all, 

c. foster cooperative actions among members

d. identify gaps in services

e. focus action for all kids.

6. Promote Every Kid’s activities being carried out within an Asset Development framework.

7. Facilitate communication within Every Kid’s network of Community and Youth Champions & Partners and Windows of Focus.

8. Provide means to evaluate initiatives offered to the community & communicate findings across Leeds & Grenville as well as among participating agencies and stakeholders.

9. Monitor the impact of the Every Kid’s programs and activities in relation to its targeted outcomes, through a Developmental Asset lens.

10. Recommend, to Every Kid’s Lead Table, priorities for the community development by monitoring the outcomes of the various work groups.

11. Complete an Every Kid in our Communities Annual Status Report.


Membership will consist of, but is not limited to, a senior decision maker of organizations listed in the attached appendix. Organizations not listed may apply to the Lead Table for membership on a permanent or term basis. Every effort will be made to include up to 4 community representatives.

Members are expected to act for all kids regardless of their agency mandate and are responsible for providing knowledge and experience from the various disciplines/ agencies/sectors and geographical areas across Leeds & Grenville and to provide the necessary expertise for project planning, implementation & evaluation. 


The Lead Table provides advice and support for those planning and action groups (Windows of Focus) which act for the age groups, birth to six, seven to twelve, thirteen to eighteen and an intersection group acting for all ages. These Windows of Focus report at each meeting of the Lead Table.

As required, Special Project Teams of a time-limited nature may be established to address a specific issue, and/or to complete a defined task as has arisen from the Ministry or been identified by the community as having relevance to a specific group of children’s services stakeholders.

Revised 2009 

• Every Kid’s Lead Table is responsible to Leeds & Grenville communities, parents, children and youth.

• The Chair or Co-chairs will be appointed by the members

• Recommendations and decisions will normally be by consensus but in case of a vote required, all members are voting members. (quorum is 50%+1)

• Meetings will be held monthly or at frequency deemed necessary by the committee to adequately plan & implement project activities.

• Meeting notes will be distributed to all committee members in a timely fashion following  the meeting and will be shared with Every Kid in our Communities’ members. 

• Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.