Early Years Evaluation and School Readiness

The Data Analysis Coordinator (DAC) is a role that is associated with the Early Years and Best Start initiatives across the province.  In Leeds Grenville there is one DAC to serve all agencies supporting children 0-6 and their families. The Data Analysis Coordinator of Leeds Grenville provides support service that coordinates and facilitates research activities; enhance capacity for evidence based planning and child outcomes measurement.

Early Development Instrument

How well children are prepared for school is directly related to their early experiences and impacts their later overall success in school.

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) measures children’s readiness to learn at school and was developed by Dr. Dan Offord and Dr. Magdalena Janus of the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University.

The EDI is a 104-item checklist that is completed by Senior Kindergarten teachers for each child in their class and measures readiness for the Grade One learning environment. Although it is completed for individual children the results are compiled and interpreted for groups of children living within a particular geographic area such as a neighbourhood or city. As such, the EDI is known as a population-based measure and is not a diagnostic tool nor is it an indication of a school’s performance.

The DAC works to promote the EDI to local school boards and train Senior Kindergarten teachers on how to use the instrument. Once the data has been collected the DACs, in conjunction with other community partners, analyze, interpret and map the data. The EDI data is used in conjunction with other relevant data sources to develop an evidenced-based approach to program planning. The results are shared with early years community partners.

Early Years Research
The Data Analysis Coordinator monitors current early years research on an ongoing basis and maintain a library of resources.  Click here for more information.

DAC Contact  Information:                                                               
Jessica DesChamp- Baird
613-342-3840 ext 2370

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