Workplace Resources

Cross-Cultural Competency Training Program: The HIO cross-cultural competency training is designed to equip employers, HR Professionals, and people managers with practical skills, strategies and tools needed to increase cultural competencies and prepare workplaces for a culturally diverse employee base.

Fostering a Workplace Culture of Inclusion and Belonging: Hire Immigrants Ottawa is pleased to be offering a new workshop series for employers that invites participants to explore what it means to achieve and contribute to a sense of belonging in the workplace. This three-part workshop series progressively builds participants’ knowledge and skills about inclusive practices that build a culture of belonging.

Shaping Accessible Employment Practices: This four-part learning series is designed to enhance skills and build confidence in shaping accessible recruitment and job retention practices.

Hire For Talent Toolkit: The toolkit offers a variety of informative tools. Learn about the skills people with disabilities bring to the workplace and use our ‘how-to’ resources, that provide practical tips and strategies on successful recruitment, hiring, inclusion and retention of people with disabilities. These resources can support inclusion by design for everyone in HR practices.

Ask JAN: Resource to support accommodations in the workplace. It is an American site so may not reflect Canadian Laws, but the tips and general information are highly regarded.