Collaborative Data Collection and Management

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop a collective data collection and management system that will result in improved access to data that is appropriate to inform decision-making.
  • 0-12 Months
    • Identify data needed and data available to members.
    • Articulate data in a commonly understood way.
    • Find long-term accessible storage for shared data.
    • Ensure data collection is respectful of time/ resources/size of agency
    • Understand what data is used by other coalitions (e.g. United Way)
  • 12-24 months
    • Facilitate data collection with partners.
    • Collaborate with existing data groups
  • Lead Resource:
    • Margaret Fancy
  • Supporting Resources:
    • Best Start Data Driven Working Group
    • Member agencies
    • New members invited
    • Data Analysis Coordinator
    • Health Unit of LLG

    Members to date:

    • Jessica Deschamp Baird
    • Linda Chadwick
    • Kathy Jodoin
    • Beth Steel
    • Jackie Hoogwert
    • John Cunningham
    • Jennifer Torode
Measures of Success:
  • Active data “creation”, collection, sharing and management across agencies.
  • Data used to create new priorities.
  • There is a priority focus on creating and using data.
  • Everyone measures/collects data consistently re: services
  • Members working together to maximize data collection and use.
  • Data used to create new priorities and inform coordinated planning.

Current Progress Toward Goals and Objectives

  • request for members of this Task Force
  • Staff of L&G Organizations and community members are invited to provide name, email and other relevant information in Reply Box Below.  These will be forwarded to Lead Resource but will not be posted online.