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Parenting now comes with an instruction manual!

Whether you’re a parent, a practitioner or an organization that works with parents, the international award winning Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®, backed by over 25 years of clinically proven, world wide research, has the answers to your parenting questions and needs.    How do we know?  Because Triple P researchers have listened to and worked with thousands of parents and professionals across the world. They have the knowledge and evidence base to prove that Triple P works for many different families, in many different circumstances, with many different problems, in many different places!

Every Kid In Our Communities of Leeds and Grenville is pleased to be able to provide this “evidence based” positive parenting program to parents in the many communities of Leeds and Grenville.  Our member organizations recognize the important job parents have in raising asset rich kids.  The future of our kids –and our future – is in the hands of today’s parents.  We know that every parent needs the support of family and of the community and its organizations.  Triple P seeks to provide all with the best advice available.