Priority Action Work Planning

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  • You have reviewed the actions related to guiding principles that were identified at September planning day and have related these to your priority area.
  • Using that information and other goals identified previously leads are asked to work with your priority group to draft a workplan for your priority area.
    • try to limit the planning to 2 or 3 very specific actions over the next 12 months.
    • try to develop goals/actions that are
      • Specific,
      • Measurable,
      • Achievable,
      • Resourced and
      • Timebound.
    • You might also want to identify goals/actions that are longer term.

Below are those whose identified priority as either 1st or 2nd area of interest or who are already working on existing committee related to the priority.

  • If you don’t see your name on the list let Marg know which area is of most interest to you in terms of devoting your energy.
  • TARGET DATE – draft plans by December 9.
  • MEETING  December 12
  • PRESENTATION to Lead Table  January 8.
Identified Priority action Groups

Transition to School – Tom Jordan
Margaret Van Beers ( (special needs reference group, West Leeds pilot)
Gillian Jackson ( (Welcome to K rep)
Jackie Hoogwerf (
Harold Hess (
Marci Bruyere

Data Driven Planning – Jessica Deschamp-Baird
Kathy Jodoin
Linda Chadwick
Jackie Hoogwerf (

Healthy Development (Screening) Shannon Brown
Marci Bruyere
Cindy Goodfellow
Dixie O’Reilly
Emily McFadden
Alexis Green
Donna Vanderkloet Hanna –
Sherry Melinyshyn —

Healthy Development (Literacy) Linda Chadwick
Cindy Goodfellow
Laura Lee Macdonald

Service Coordination – Gillian Jackson
Sonya Bianchet
Harold Hess
Kathy Jodoin
Dixie O’Reilly
Alexis Green

Margaret Van Beers (
Maxine Weber

Support for French Language Population — Cathy Gladu
Angele Charron (inventory)
Margaret Fancy

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