Local Developmental Asset Data

In 2007 the members of Every Kid administered the Developmental Asset Survey to over 1300 grade 4-12 students.


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  • Me and My World  for children in Grades 4 – 6

  • Attitudes and Behaviours:A Profile of our Youth in grades 7 – 12.

Developmental assets are building blocks that contribute to the health and well being of children and middle and high school age youth.  They are an excellent future predictor of success for children and youth.

The tools used to evaluate the presence of these developmental assets were developed by the Search Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Their research indicates that children who experience more than 30 out of the 40 of these assets are very likely to be successful at school, exhibit leadership,  control impulses, maintain health and healthy life-styles and overcome adversity.  They are less likely to engage in alcohol use, binge drinking, smoking, drug use, sexual intercourse, criminal behavior, aggressive and bullying behaviors and other excessive risk taking. (WWW.SEARCH-institute.org)

Over the course of the spring of 2007, approximately 2500 of the children and young people of Leeds and Grenville completed questionnaires designed to identify how they experience developmental assets.  These children and young people report, on average, that they possess 17.9 of the 40 assets.  This is consistent with the findings across North America and supports the Search Institute’s view that most young people in Canada and the United States, regardless of age, gender or region, experience too few of the 40 assets.

While it is noteworthy that our children and young people are not substantially different from the norm in North America, it is important for our community to ask if we are satisfied with the opportunities for our children and youth to maximize their potential or if we shouldn’t be doing more to assist our young people in developing these important characteristics.   “Every Kid in Our Communities” is a coalition of organizations and individuals that is providing leadership in promoting the healthy development of our children and youth and is committed to ensuring that they have every opportunity possible to be successful in the future.

Our entire community has a role to play in this important endeavor and the benefits to all of us are substantial.


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