Mind and Body Activity Links

Learn at Home” can be a big help with learning activities for the kids but don’t try to make it school. Do:
  • make a schedule—create order for your kids and yourself,
  • forgive yourself when you realize you are a terrible teacher (be a facilitator not a teacher),
  • recognize that kids will be on screens way more than anyone wants but keep an eye on their well-being and yours.
  • know that the best goal is to give them “happy” routines with variety in their day—outdoors if possible, cook, read, play games, socialize in safe social distancing ways and provide comforting continuity.” not to make sure they stay exactly on an external target or to scramble to catch up if they seem behind.
  • LIGHTEN UP! Our today reality is not forever! Look for silver lining.
How parents can maintain during covid 10 outbreak: Organization ideas and activities

FOOD: The stomach may be the key to learning! Learning can taste good!

Links to Fun Activities and Resources -for both your head and your body