The Eight Key Developmental Assets Every Child and Youth Needs to Thrive

Key Asset to thriving

What young person feels


The supports, opportunities, and relationships young people need across all aspects of their lives.


I mean something to the people in my world.


I make a difference in the world.

Boundaries and Expectations

I know what’s expected of me and what behaviors are “in bounds” and “out of bounds.”

Constructive Use of Time

I have balance in my life between activities that challenge me and activities that refresh me.


The personal skills, commitments, and values they need to make good choices, take responsibility for their own lives, and be independent and fulfilled.

Commitment to Learning

I like to learn new things.

Positive Values

I try my best to “do the right thing,” and I believe it’s important to help others.

Social Competencies

I know how to make good choices and build positive relationships.

Positive Identity

I feel good about myself and I have a bright future.

The Developmental Assets

The Developmental Relationships Framework