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Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents follows children and parents enrolled in groundbreaking early childhood interventions.
These programs work with parents and kids to help children master the skills they need to do well in life, like self-control and self-regulation.
From middle-class kids to children of poverty, we witness young lives transformed, social problems solved, and billions of taxpayer dollars saved.

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Parents can NOW PURCHASE AN ONLINE VERSION OF STANDARD TRIPLE P using credit card or pay pal – $79.95.  Click here to order -TRIPLE P ONLINE.    Get local support for Online Triple P by letting us know of your order at triplep@healthunit.org

ABOUT THIS WEBSITE:   This Every Kid in Our Communities website reflects members working together to provide the  collaboration that our kids deserve and that will help make Leeds and Grenville the best community for them to grow in and to have the best opportunities possible. Recommend it to others! Keep up to what is happening in our Work Groups!  Use “Reply” to share your thoughts, to provide more information and to find out how to engage in issues related to our kids.

Across our counties there is a wealth of care, knowledge, skill, experience and wisdom that is critical to helping our kids experience the Developmental Assets they need.  Share and get involved!  Together we can help every kid achieve the Developmental Assets they need.

If you have a particular topic you wish to invite others to think and comment on send it to communications@everykid.on.ca for posting and in doing so create a thread that can knit meaningful collective actions and synthesize new approaches to achieve the 6 goals of Everykid.

Everykid goals








Everykid’s  collaboration is supported by the Government of Ontario.

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  1. Suzanne Rivard says:

    Pleased to share that the Upper Canada School Travel Planning process is now life on Facebook. Please follow this link to check us out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Upper-Canada-School-Travel-Planning/262399043914095 or search out Upper Canada School Travel Planning.

    If you would like more information regarding School Travel Planning please email me at suzannemrivard@gmail.com

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